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Default SmartArray 5Si Creating Boot Volume With 32 Sector Offset

The boot volume on a DL585 server with a SmartArray 5Si adapter is being
created with a 32 sector offset. This is seen under Windows 2003 64-bit
using Symantec Storage Foundation for Windows Basic 5.0. Every other
device created under Windows has a 63 sector offset. Even other drives
created using the same SmartArray controller start at an offset of sector

I cannot mirror the system volume as a dynamic disk mirror when the offset
is under 63. My questions a

1) Is the 32 sector offset seen on the boot device a side effect of using
the "Enable 4GB" boot volume BIOS option for the smartarray? Is there a
way I can change that setting after the logical drive is initially created?

2) Is there an straightforward way for me to move the system partition such
that it has an offset of 63? What utility would be needed for this and I
guess I would need to make the disk a simple disk instead of dynamic.