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Default Compaq Deskpro EN 6266 & 1790 *Update*

"metronid" wrote in message
I only use Partition Magic
It is the best and the Industry standard

If just 2.1 GIG
A dos 6 #1 Disk is also good

fdisk is free and I downloaded Win98se bootdiscs from ages
ago which include CD support and fdisk/format etc but not copy!

I then created a bootcd using this floppy as a template and added ghostpe to
it (as you have at least 650mb on cd). The bootcd boots like a floppy and
the basic system commands are available at a:\ the rest of the files added
to the cd are available at r:\ (the assigned letter for the CD Rom).

I prefer using a cd to boot as many of the systems I build I don't buy a
floppy (which can be a pain sometimes). The network boot floppy I used was
created through the Ghost program under windows. I deleted the networking
files to free space and copied the ghostpe program to it.

I used the tools a had to hand rather than go on the net to create the
perfect boot disk.