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Default Win 10 v2004 keeps trying to optimize SSD's?

Yousuf Khan wrote:
According to this video:

Win 10 v2004 has a bug in it where it keeps coming back after every
reboot and it says that the SSD needs to be reoptimized again. But it
realizes that it's an SSD, it's not actually running a defrag on the
drive, all it's doing is running the Trim command on it.

As far as I know, the Trim command is passive, it doesn't actually
rearrange anything on the drive, just goes through and marks deleted
space as ready for reuse again. I think this should be just fine, it's
not a problem. What do you think?

I got two SSD's in my system, and it indeed does come back after every
reboot to say it requires an optimization. But I'm not worried about this.

Yousuf Khan

As far as I know, TRIM is an "advisory command". It allows
a drive to know which clusters are in usage, and which are not.
This makes it apparent to the drive "how many spares" it has.

The drive can choose to re-arrange whatever passes for a "free pool"
of storage.

If you were to issue TRIM more frequently, it would mean the
drive has "less work to do" in each advisory event.

If you're doing a Macrium restore, it would delete the MBR,
it would issue a TRIM for the entire drive (all sectors shown
as unoccupied), and then it would start filling the drive
with the restored data. It's hard to say in that sequence,
how much less write amplification would result from
having a "clean slate" at the beginning of the restore.

I saw the report of a bug in 2004 for that, but I haven't seen
a negative comment about it (yet). Maybe someone else can think
of a reason this is bad...