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Default Why is this folder so slow? (follow-up)

On 5/11/2020 1:54 PM, Paul wrote:
In the business that would be called a "lazy implementation".

Absolutely, when I used to program, this is the sort of hacky
programming I'd see other programmers implementing, and it would be my
job to clean this up. I did not know that Mozilla would be doing exactly
the same sort of thing as you'd see a local office programmer doing.

All they would have to do, is write a "search provider" and Windows
could use that to pump the files in an OLE fashion. It could have
been done by making no temporary files at all (flow from MORK file
or MBOX or whatever, right into the Windows.edb, in terms of writes).

Yeah, I don't blame them for not getting too integrated into the Windows
ecosystem. If it's something that all operating systems provide in some
form or another, then it can be generalized through a standard
C-library, and they wouldn't have to do special implementations for each
OS. Are there similar functions available in other competing OSes, like
the Microsoft OLE?

I guess there's some benefit to federated search that includes
your email, but to my way of thinking this would only clutter up
a search result later.

I'm betting that they created this hacky implementation, just to say
that they can integrate into Windows Search, just like their competitor
Microsoft Outlook does. The WDSEML file is nothing more than their
standard EML file, which is their way of exporting individual messages
to a text format that you can transfer around easily.

You might also discover the Windows.edb file is bloated
beyond recognition, because of that file set. It might
range around 1GB for a vanilla install, but after that
Thunderbird thing got indexed, it would likely double
at the very least.

Yeah, I often see Windows.edb getting hammered when looking through the
Windows Resource Monitor app.

You can rebuild the Windows.edb index file, using
the Indexing Options control panel in Windows 10.
I would give that a whirl after the TB folder has
had all the cruft removed. It'll take about three
hours to index the regular C: files (but this assumes
you've customized the searched folders to include
most of C: , versus the very shallow folder set used
by default).

No, I think I'll look into optimizing Windows.edb sometime in the
distant future, at this point in time, I'm done with optimizing my
filesystem. Until another problem arises. :-)

Even finding Windows.edb is hard :-) The File Explorer
search won't allow you to find it. You'll need Agent
Ransack or Everything.exe to find that file, just so
you can see the current size, and decide whether it
needs a rebuild or not.

Well, even Agent Ransack didn't see it, but I assume I'll need to run it
as admin.

The Windows Search is so braindead. You can tell it to search for
something like "data", but it won't find words like "database" even
though data is in the name. You'd have to directly search for "database"
to find anything in the Windows search, no wonder people keep using
Agent Ransack.

Yousuf Khan