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there's drivers on the ASUS CD. Also how many PC do you have in this
"network" if its just 2 you need either a hub, a router or a cross-over
cable if your using cat5 to connect(the out on one PC goes to the in on the

"Clarity" wrote in message
I've tried everything I can think of but can't get this network going. I
know the nic's work, the cable, ics, addresses..everything I can think of.
I've done this half a dozen times. Got xp pro on the host, 98 on the
client. The nic's always worked before I installed xp. Can't get the
motherboard's built-in nic's to matter what I try. Installed

nic's that I know have worked...still nothing. Cable used to work but no

there either. No ics on the client but did use the xp network
wizard...still no go. The network connection shows an X thru the network
nic but the nic's are all approved by the ms compatibilitity

no go. Nic's previously worked...cable previously worked...but can't get
past the X. The nic's are properly installed...I think....usual software
installations...nothing untoward. On every level...everything looks a go
except the X...but it just won't work...grrrr...Pinging don't work cuz it
doesn't seem to recognize the network nic's...tried a couple others with
full uninstallation and reinstallation.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...thinking it's the Asus
A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard. Is it possible the MB just won't let the