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I checked Windows XP Error Logs and I found the following error message:

Event ID = 108
Source = ati2mtag
Type = Error
Description = The driver ati2dvag for the display device \Device\Video0 got
stuck in an infinite loop. This usually indicates a problem with the device
itself or with the device driver programming the hardware incorrectly.
Please check with your hardware device vendor for any driver updates.

Any advice, idea, where does that infinite loop com from? Video card? Video
driver? DDR?

Thanx in advance for your help...

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Hello everyone,

once a day, or once every couple of days, I experience computer freezing

sreen reset to minimal default.

It happens very randomly, especially while I'm connected to the Internet,
with eMule (v0.30c) or ShareAza (v1.8.9.34) on. At some point, out of the
blue, the mouse pointer doesn't move anymore, the keyboard is locked up as
the computer is freezing. Then the screen is reset to default 640x480
16colors with error message: "Windows has detected and recovered from a
device failure - Please restart". When I retsart, everything goes back to
normal, and works fine...

If I check "VPU recover" in Catalyst control tab to enable it, the same
thing happens, the monitor is powered off, the screen stays at 1024x748,

I get the message "a device failure has been detected and partially
recovered - software render has been enabled - restart to set video to
hardware render"...

Any idea where does the problem come from? Defective Sapphire Radeon video
card? USB or IRQ conflict? Internet attacks/intrusions killing/bombing my
computer? eMule and/or ShareAza bugs?

Thanx in advance for your help!


My computer is as follows:
MB = Gigabyte GA-8IK1100 (Intel i875P / ICH5 chipset)
CPU = Intel Pentium IV 2.4C (FSB 800)
DDR = A-Data 2*256Mo PC3200 (Winbond BH-5 chips) dual channel
VID = ATI Radeon 9500pro 128Mo (Omega Catalyst 3.9 drivers)
HD = Hitachi/IBM Deskstar 120Go 7200 8Mo
PSU = Fortron 350W ATX FSP350-60PN
SND = onboard Realtek ALC655 audio chip
PCI = none installed
OS = Windows XP Pro SP1 (up to date)
NET = AOL 8.0
MDM = Thomson Speed Touch 330 ADSL (300.7.0.2 driver)
AVR = Norton Internet Security 2003 Pro (up to date)

Windows System Information:
IRQ 0 - System clock - OK
IRQ 1 - Standard keyboard 101/102 keys PS/2 - OK
IRQ 6 - Standard floppy drive controller - OK
IRQ 8 - System Clock CMOS/real time - OK
IRQ 9 - ACPI compatible Microsoft - OK
IRQ 10 - Intel(R) 82801EB SMBus Controller - 24D3 - OK
IRQ 13 - Arithmetic coprocessor - OK
IRQ 14 - IDE main - OK
IRQ 15 - IDE secondary - OK