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Default PS/2 vs USB Keyboard and why Logitech K120 belongs in trash !


I already decided some time ago to postpone all video related editing processing and uploading until I find a way to do it much faster.

This may require a new computer, usb 3.0 and what not.

I am kinda amazed how fast other people can do it, at least it seems so.

Otherwise if I have to spent hours that would not be worth it, it has to be fast... like zip zap.

5 minutes mostly.

So when I can do it really fast I might upload some horrors ! =D

And maybe also some usefull VMware installation tricks or whatever.

My video content kinda sucks at the moment for the most part except some things.

I do upload sometime a little bit if it's important enough =D

That was kinda the fun part about my youtube channel upload worthless stuff ! LOL =D

But also technical failures. I kinda like that part the best ! =D

Skybuck =D

My video card has NVENC on it, which is a way to get the
video card to recompress content. It processes for me
at around 330FPS (that's faster than real-time).

It works with a few of the "Hollywood" CODECs, rather than
with every possible CODEC in existence. And it's a one pass
rather than a two pass process.

A card like GT 1030 has zero NVENC.
A card like GTX 1050 has one NVENC.
A card like GTX 1080 has two NVENC.
A card like Titan has three NVENC.

This is one reason, if someone asks whether they should
buy 1030, I think buying the card with one NVENC,
is worth the extra cost. As it's one more toy to play with.

But this stuff can also be hard to work with.

I went to the trouble of doing a build of FFMPEG
myself. I installed or boiled up all the necessary
libraries. Finally, I added the 2GB or so package
to allow NVENC to be switched on in the build. And
the stupid thing says "wrong version" for the NVENC
stuff. Great. But, it doesn't tell me the version
numbers of the bits it considers mismatched. That
ruined my build experiment right on the spot, as
I didn't have any idea what I should be changing.

I specifically wanted to test NVENC on Linux, because
I have a suspicion it's actually a bit faster than 330FPS.
But I'm never going to find out now.

Somebody knows how to do this on Fedora, but I'm not
wasting my time doing this a second time. I know what
the odds are, and the odds are stacked against me
finishing a build.