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Default PS/2 vs USB Keyboard and why Logitech K120 belongs in trash !


I already decided some time ago to postpone all video related editing processing and uploading until I find a way to do it much faster.

This may require a new computer, usb 3.0 and what not.

I am kinda amazed how fast other people can do it, at least it seems so.

Otherwise if I have to spent hours that would not be worth it, it has to be fast... like zip zap.

5 minutes mostly.

So when I can do it really fast I might upload some horrors ! =D

And maybe also some usefull VMware installation tricks or whatever.

My video content kinda sucks at the moment for the most part except some things.

I do upload sometime a little bit if it's important enough =D

That was kinda the fun part about my youtube channel upload worthless stuff ! LOL =D

But also technical failures. I kinda like that part the best ! =D

Skybuck =D