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Clark Griswold
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Default P4C800E-D Intel RAID and Promise RAID


I've been running a RAID 0 for the past year on the Promise controller. Now
I want to switch over to the Intel controller due to the Promise controller
is starting to get flaky. I understand what to physically do, but Windows XP
recognizes the Southbridge chip as 82801EB and not as what is etched upon
the chip - 82801ER. I've tried to reinstall the correct drivers but it
defaults to the EB chip. About a year ago I vaguely remember talking to
Intel about this. What they said is when you run from the Promise controller
you get the EB chip displayed. When using the Intel chip you get the ER chip
displayed. Does this make sense??

Lately, installing the correct drivers gives me an error that the chipset is
not compatible with the drivers.

I plan on connecting the two SATA hds to the Intel SATA connectors on the
motherboard, create a new RAID 0 with the Intel utility, reinstall Windows
XP and load the correct Intel drivers. If I do this will the southbridge
chip be correctly identified as 82801ER? Will IAA install? Would it be
better to use Intel website drivers rather than Asus drivers?

Has anyone RMA'd ASUS?? How long does it take to get your board back?