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Default Fan for Asus V8420

If still in warranty, you can check with their service / rma department to
have the fan replace due to noise.


"Lars-Erik ěsterud" [email protected] wrote in message
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The fan on my Asus V8420 (A Ti-4200 card) has been very noise from the
start, but now it's terrible, and I'm fearing that it will break down.

Does anyone know if there are any good replacements fans available?

It's possible to detach the fan from the heat sink, but both the fan
and the heat sink seems a bit special design so I'm not sure if there
are any fans that will fit in the original heat sink.

But maybe there are fan with heat sinks that will fit the holes on the
board (two 2 mm holes diagonnaly on each side of the fan/sink assy)?

Anyone know?

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