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Default Uploading Advice

"Tommy Glassford" wrote in message
: I don't know if your newsgroup can help me, if not then please accept my
: sincerest apologies and there's no need to read further.
: I've had all sorts of problems with my pc which I'll not bore you with
: because I think/feel that I've got the thing at least talking to me with a
: civil tongue in its head. The reason for my writing and mentioning the
: is that I have a web site which I created using Microsoft FrontPage and
: finding it impossible to upload. The site is simple text, no heavy duty
: graphics because it's a catalogue of some twenty odd years of writing
: lyrics. I've tried various FTP programs and failed in various ways which I
: can nolonger remember. I installed Windows XP Pro and I got the evaluation
: pack of WS_FTP Pro; still no joy.
: I've tried all versions of the address, the ISP I've tried to upload to is
: Dabsol. I've tried their support which is , but after
: a month of sending them emails I gave up on that ISP and tried the ISP
: Virgin. That failed as well but their support gave me an immediate reply
: which advised the upload address being, I still didn't
: anywhere and so I am now doing my Sherlock and dedusing that it's a
: either with the software (I'm asking Ipswitch for their advice) or this
: pc.
: The host address for Dabsol is, the user ID is
: 'thelyrics', and I use my password. Now the user ID and the password must
: correct because I'm able to gain access to the ISP and my mail etc. But
: error messages that come back are 'connect failure' or 'Login Error'.
: I mean the computer might not be state of the art but it's a 1.33 GHz
: processor with 128MB of RAM, and it is so slow you wouldn't believe. I
: sincerely and seriously welcome someone getting back to me out there and
: helping me before I go out the window before this damn computer does. My
: email address is .
: Failing that, thanks anyway for reading.
Hummmm.... I can't get www thelyrics dabsol dot net to show anything
either. I'd suggest going to toniarts site and download, install and run
her EasyCleaner registry cleaner. It's safe, easy to use (may take a few
minutes the first time)... but when it shows a ton of UNNECESSARY files,
click select all and delete. It will ask for re-confirmation 'are you
sure?' Click yes and then reboot your system. It sounds like the registry
needs cleaning and this is a safe easy and free program. There's nothing to
fear about loosing files because it by default deletes them to the
trashcan.. so should you need or want any of those files, just go there and
restore them (it). I've never....NEVER had to restore any file that
EasyCleaner has found to be unnecessary. And it makes my old system run
better. Here's the homesite