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The DVD drive and hard drive should work fine. No extra drivers should be
required. The operating system already has them. If you mean DVD playback
software, you will need to purchase some. I prefer Power DVD. It works

If you use the cables that came with the 5000, be sure the DVD drive and
hard drive are still jumpered CS for Cable Select. The memory might not
work. The 5190 uses PC100 168-pin SyncDRAM. Many newer 5000 series models
use newer 184-pin DDR memory. If your 5000 uses DDR, the older PC100 won't
even fit the slot.

"Denny" wrote in message
My Mom had my old Compaq a 5190 model with DVD, ZIP DRIVE . While I was

out of state she had a big problem with it and got some wanna be computer
tech to fix it. YEAH he FIXED it alright destroyed the modem!

Since the computer was running windows 98 and its an older model we got

her a brand new computer. Well of course that now leaves me with an extra

I have a Compaq 5000 series what I want to do is to cannibalize the DVD,

the memory Stick and the Hard Drive.

Can anyone tell me if there is going to be any hardware issues?

I know that I will likely need to get drivers for the DVD, but since they

are both Compaq's should I have any problem fitting the equipment in the
chassis? and basically are all Compaq models the same?