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Default Windows 10, it's a wonderful thing

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Nomen Nescio wrote:

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Fritz Wuehler [email protected] wrote:

Windows Update borks elderly printers in typical Patch

It's not Microsoft's responsibility to compensate for improperly
written drivers from Epson.

Interesting comment. Then why did MS apparently compensate in the
past? Companies cannot second guess what MS is going to do. If MS
wants to continue to be a viable OS, then they need to see to it
that they don't break things with advancements.

point out when m$ did this. cite.

Passing a alleged 'improperly written drivers from Epson' is not a
valid argument. You have no idea if it is a driver problem. Since
the drivers worked for years up to now, I rather assume that it is
an improperly written MS patch.

every printer oem, hp is blatant, historically bends the rules
when writing device drivers. then you bitches complain when a
security hole is discovered and m$ fixes it.