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Default Is there really a problem, or are they being super-careful, or is this a bug in windows 7.

On Tue, 13 Oct 2020 at 18:39:02, micky wrote:
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On Tue, 13 Oct 2020 at 09:05:03, VanguardLH wrote:
micky wrote:

Using Win 7 I have a USB dock, and it worked fine before, under win10
and maybe under Vista. Never got this message. Now, maybe because I'm
using win7, every time I plug in the dock, I get this message for every
data partition as it starts up (except an empty partition on a different

The drive has 4 partitions, 3 that it gives this warning for (not the

You're using a USB dock and get this problem. Does the problem still
occur when you do NOT use the USB, and instead move the USB drive to
connect directly to each computer?

I suspect it isn't a USB drive, but an ordinary SATA one. I have such a

Right. And it's a laptop computer so no way to connect a 3.5" dirive to
the laptop directly. Well, no, I have a USB data cable, a power brick
and power cable and bare connectors for an IDE drive and maybe SATA,
and if not SATA, they must make the same thing for SATA, but would that
be any more direct than the dock?

I have one of those "cables" - if the "bare connectors" are in a flat
black bit that has connectors for the 3.5" IDE on one side and the
laptop one on the other (mine came with a power brick for the drive
too). There's actually some electronics in the flat black bit; basically
similar to a dock, just less (no) physical support for the drive. My
friend has a slightly later model of such a "cable", which has a SATA
connector on top of the flat black bit (as well as the IDE ones on the
sides), and needs (probably came with) a short SATA cable to connect to
the drive, and had an adaptor to convert the Molex on the power brick to

dock - a garish red and black thing (also has card-reader slots, though
I've never used them) with its own power brick; connects by USB (2 only,
I think)

I (used to) suspect it is USB3***. What brand, model? Even my old
Thermaltake BlacX is 3.
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I've had it for 10 years or so and they haven't changed the design or
come up with a newer model in all that time. But it's USB3 now and I
think it was then too

or eSATA (though in my case I was surprised there didn't seem
to be much speed difference). Has slots into which you can plug a SATA
(laptop or desktop format, it takes both sizes) or (E)IDE drive.

***OTOH, if yours takes IDE, I guess it 's even older than mine.

Mine looks like this (other than came with power brick):
(I'm surprised they're still selling USB2! I suppose if people will buy
it ...)
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