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Default Is there really a problem, or are they being super-careful, or is this a bug in windows 7.

On Tue, 13 Oct 2020 at 03:35:45, Paul wrote:
micky wrote:
Using Win 7 I have a USB dock, and it worked fine before, under win10
and maybe under Vista. Never got this message. Now, maybe because I'm
using win7, every time I plug in the dock, I get this message for every

Macrium Reflect Free knows there's a problem. I tried
to do a 6.1.1196 backup using th CD and got "Error 9".
It knows something isn't right.

(Yes, I got an error - I think it _was_ error 9 - when trying to image a
recent Windows 10 drive for a friend with Macrium 5. It had worked OK
with Windows 10 a few months earlier on the same machine, so whatever
they've broken happened on one of the updates. I'll try with the latest
Macrium next time I visit that friend [when CoViD permits].)
really compatible. However, Microsoft has this bad habit
of pooch screwing - $MFTMIRR, Volume Bitmap, Reparse points

(for custom compression format used for system files to
make the Windows tree smaller), the behaviors aren't backward
compatible. They also do something with Extended Attributes
that I still haven't figured out.

"Windows 10 is the gift that keeps on giving." Like the clap.

That's gone straight into my quotes file (with attribution)!

If you're not seeing problems when booting back to
Win7, then something must be wrong...



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