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Default Is there really a problem, or are they being super-careful, or is this a bug in windows 7.

On Tue, 13 Oct 2020 at 09:05:03, VanguardLH wrote:
micky wrote:

Using Win 7 I have a USB dock, and it worked fine before, under win10
and maybe under Vista. Never got this message. Now, maybe because I'm
using win7, every time I plug in the dock, I get this message for every
data partition as it starts up (except an empty partition on a different

The drive has 4 partitions, 3 that it gives this warning for (not the

You're using a USB dock and get this problem. Does the problem still
occur when you do NOT use the USB, and instead move the USB drive to
connect directly to each computer?

I suspect it isn't a USB drive, but an ordinary SATA one. I have such a
dock - a garish red and black thing (also has card-reader slots, though
I've never used them) with its own power brick; connects by USB (2 only,
I think) or eSATA (though in my case I was surprised there didn't seem
to be much speed difference). Has slots into which you can plug a SATA
(laptop or desktop format, it takes both sizes) or (E)IDE drive.
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