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Default Is there really a problem, or are they being super-careful, or is this a bug in windows 7.

On 10/12/2020 8:04 PM, micky wrote:
Using Win 7 I have a USB dock, and it worked fine before, under win10
and maybe under Vista. Never got this message. Now, maybe because I'm
using win7, every time I plug in the dock, I get this message for every
data partition as it starts up (except an empty partition on a different

The drive has 4 partitions, 3 that it gives this warning for (not the
smallest one with no partition letter) and I've run the scan like it
suggested for the tiny partition and the smaller one, but it keeps
asking. (The dock has USB3 but the laptop only has USB2. and the large
parttion was taking forever so I stopped it. )

Is there really a problem, or are they being super-careful, or is this a
bug in windows 7. The warning says:

"Do you want to scan and fix [this drive]? There might be a problem
with some files on this disc. This can happen if you remove the disc
before all files are written to it. [But I never do that, and certainly
not since the last time I used this dock and ran this scan..]

_ Scan and fix (Recomended). This will prevent future problems when
copying files to this device or disc

_ Continue without scanning.

Can I just routinely continue without scanning?

I strongly suspect that is something done by the anti-virus application
on the Windows 7 machine, not by Windows 7 itself. Check the settings
for that application.

In the meantime, if you truly know the prior usage of disc (e.g., no one
has had access to it other than yourself), you know that it has not been
sttached to any other machine except your own, and all those other of
your machines have current, updated anti-virus applications, then it is
safe to skip scanning the drive.

I have one external drive and 6 flash drives that I occasionally plug
into one of my USB ports. I am the only person who handles them. I
reformatted each before beginning to use it. I have three different
anti-virus, anti-malware applications. (However, only one of them is
running in the background. The other two are only used to scan
downloaded files along with the one running in the background.) About
once a month, I plug the external drive and perhaps 1-2 flash drives in
my wife's PC but only after I have scanned her entire system with two
anti-virus, anti-malware applications. No, I do not scan the external
drive or flash drives when I use them.

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