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Default Using the AMD Overdrive utility

On 11/29/2011 10:21 PM, rms wrote:
FSB doesn't make as much difference as it once did, but there is a
slight (very slight) benchmark increase the higher you go.

With my previous processor, an X3 2.6GHz, on the exact same motherboard,
I had tried overclocking by increasing the FSB speed, it was the only
choice I had as it didn't have an unlocked multiplier. I found that once
I went past a 5% overclock (210MHz vs. 200MHz), things got unstable. Not
right away, but after several hours of use. You got a full 20% overclock
on your FSB, 240MHz!

The 11x northbridge multiplier, is that the internal CPU northbridge?

I don't pretend to know cpu architecture, but the 'northbridge' is a
separate chip from the cpu, presumably this is path between them.

I think the concept of the separate northbridge chipset doesn't exist
anymore, as a lot of its functionality has now been taken over by the
CPU. I found out recently that AMD calls the portion of its CPU that
deals with L3, Hypertransport and memory controller the northbridge, and
it's separately powered from the rest of the CPU. Since these functions
were what used to be done by a separate northbridge chipset in the past,
AMD just usurped that terminology for inside the CPU.

I've noticed you're pushing your RAM heavily too, is Prime95 a good
stability test for RAM too, or just CPU? The AOD's stability test is
pretty good for CPU stability testing, pushes all cores heavily, but I'm
not sure if it is a test of RAM stability though.

Actually my ram is running right at 1600mhz (240fsb x 6.66), the rated
spec, though I did tighten timings from 999-24 to 888-24 1T. Prime95 is
a very good ram tester imho.

Oh, I see, if the FSB was running at the stock 200Mhz, you'd be using an
8X multiplier instead of a 6.66X to get to 1600Mhz.

There's a well-known Win7 bug where it doesn't recognize extra cores
after the cpu is changed, which happened to me when I went from x4 to
x6. Do check Task Manager to verify it shows 6 core graphs.

Oh, I see, no that wasn't a problem with me, it even installed new
processor drivers (shows "AMD Phenom II X6 1100T" instead of "X3 710"
now) after the first reboot. I guess there were just adequately
different features between the two processors to trigger a rescan.

Yousuf Khan