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Ben Williams
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Default Please help my resolve my blue screen of death nightmares

OK, let me begin by saying that I am *not* overclocking this CPU. I was told
that this was clearly an error on core #3 of my processor. I was running
OCCT v3.1.0 and had allowed this CPU to begin testing. It lasted all of 5m
53s. I cannot figure out what is wrong here. Is my processor defective or is
it my motherboard? What should I be doing to find the culprit here? I have
been getting blue screens of death ever since I installed this processor,
but not before. I have to assume that they are in some way connected, but
somehow I want to know for sure what is going on here. Most of the blue
screens of death occurred during gaming. The bottom line is that I need
proof if I am going to confront AMD about this and the processor is in
warranty. Someone please help me.

- Ben