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Default Why is this folder so slow?

On 5/2/2020 9:45 AM, Frank Slootweg wrote:
Yes, but "Just let the backup software handle backing all of it up."
was the*problem* which made you start this thread! You can't have it
both ways, it either was a problem/annoyance/whatever, or it wasn't!

Have what both ways?? I wanted the data backed up, and it was doing
that, but slowly. That's what the problem was that I wanted fixed.

As to "But often there are other files interspersed among them, that
can often go overlooked because it's overwhelmed by the mass of all of
the main files.", I didn't say to bluntly clobber all the*files*/
*folders*, but to set/lower the News retention settings in Thunderbird.
I.e. let*Thunderbird* do it*safely*, instead of you doing it
(possibly) unsafely.

You*do* know how to set/lower the News retention settings in
Thunderbird, don't you!? (You snipped my other comments about that, so I
don't know if you've set/lowered them now.)

Hard to say what happened in the deep past. At some point perhaps
Thunderbird was taking so long to delete old messages, so it may have
been locking up or fail-exiting constantly, especially at a time when
this may have been running on slow HDD's rather than SSD's. So a bandaid
solution may have come up to prevent it from doing any further
deletions, which got implemented, it stabilized the system, and then
forgotten about. The problem with having run with something for so many
decades, previous problems are not even in memory anymore. I don't even
know if this is what happened, that's just my guess at this point.

Yousuf Khan