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Default To reset CMOS/ BIOS on a compaq PC

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Found this note in old service manual:

If CMOS/BIOS gets hosed (even if can't see screen )
1. Press " Fn + Power On " at same time.
2. Tap Fn+F11 a few times
3. Memory counts up, disk seeks and generates "Error 162 - Options not
set "
4. Press F1 which saves changes and now BIOS is set back to factory

Hello Bobb,

thanks very much for your note. I do have a Presario computer or two
which would need their CMOS/BIOS restored. But my PC keyboards don't
have a Fn key. Is there another key that can be subsistuted? Or do you
have another recipe for PCs?

Thank you very much in advance.


My solution was mainly for laptops. On a desktop , just remove/disconnect
the RTC-battery for 15 minutes or so - see service manual for
your model on how to open case / where it's located on system board.