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Default power on password is on

Forget it, Ben. Your words are falling on deaf ears.


"Ben Myers" wrote in message
Well, then. Let's see. Would you rather have an accurate response
or a half-baked and ignorant response bottom posted? Let's exercise some
judgements here... Ben Myers

On Thu, 24 Jan 2008 12:46:08 +1100, Barry OGrady


On Tue, 22 Jan 2008 23:49:48 -0500, Ben Myers

Balderdash! If you don't know what the computer is, do a little research
posting a response, almost invariably followed by your obsessive
cluttering of
the newsgroups scolding people not to top-post.

A mindless google search turned up "Software & Driver downloads Compaq
6027US DESKTOP PC". Capitals are mine for emphasis. It took me less
time than
it took you to respond and then send your top-posting canned message!

... Ben Myers

On Tue, 22 Jan 2008 16:34:59 -0500, CBFalconer

HH wrote: ** and top-posted. Fixed. **
"- Bobb -" wrote:
"CBFalconer" wrote:
ted wrote:

i have a compaq 6027us and the power on password is on and
has locked me out how do i unlock the pc. i need the hp
secret password to reset it.

If this is a laptop, you can't change it without the co-operation
of the manufacturer, which will also involve convincing them that
you own it.

When I worked at Compaq - had to SEND IT IN - they would wipe it
- OS to factory ( or maybe just tossed the old drive ?). So if
you NEED the data, remove the disk, install into a desktop pc as
second drive and backup before sending back ( ASK them while on
the phone)

It is a desktop, not a notebook.

So you can ignore my caution. But please do not top-post. Your
answer belongs after (or intermixed with) the quoted material to
which you reply, after snipping all irrelevant material. I fixed
this one. See the following links:

-- (taming google) (newusers)

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