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Ben Myers
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Default power on password is on

Well, then. Let's see. Would you rather have an accurate response top-posted
or a half-baked and ignorant response bottom posted? Let's exercise some value
judgements here... Ben Myers

On Thu, 24 Jan 2008 12:46:08 +1100, Barry OGrady

On Tue, 22 Jan 2008 23:49:48 -0500, Ben Myers wrote:

Balderdash! If you don't know what the computer is, do a little research before
posting a response, almost invariably followed by your obsessive cluttering of
the newsgroups scolding people not to top-post.

A mindless google search turned up "Software & Driver downloads Compaq Presario
6027US DESKTOP PC". Capitals are mine for emphasis. It took me less time than
it took you to respond and then send your top-posting canned message!

... Ben Myers

On Tue, 22 Jan 2008 16:34:59 -0500, CBFalconer wrote:

HH wrote: ** and top-posted. Fixed. **
"- Bobb -" wrote:
"CBFalconer" wrote:
ted wrote:

i have a compaq 6027us and the power on password is on and
has locked me out how do i unlock the pc. i need the hp
secret password to reset it.

If this is a laptop, you can't change it without the co-operation
of the manufacturer, which will also involve convincing them that
you own it.

When I worked at Compaq - had to SEND IT IN - they would wipe it
- OS to factory ( or maybe just tossed the old drive ?). So if
you NEED the data, remove the disk, install into a desktop pc as
second drive and backup before sending back ( ASK them while on
the phone)

It is a desktop, not a notebook.

So you can ignore my caution. But please do not top-post. Your
answer belongs after (or intermixed with) the quoted material to
which you reply, after snipping all irrelevant material. I fixed
this one. See the following links:

-- (taming google) (newusers)

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