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Todd H. wrote:
Todd H. wrote:
So, he's absolutely right, that you cannot legally put your Dell
OEM copy of win98 on a non-Dell computer. Even if it's
technically possible, it's still a breach of copyright.

And would you mind posting the exact wording of what you have been
referring to?

Refer to the license on the disk you posess for the exact wording of
the license terms. They vary slightly from release to release. But
I'll bet ya a dollar that you'll find it restricted to use on your
Dell system.

But, if you're the sort that needs a big cartoon-like graphic with an
orange X that says what you're proposing is illegal software piracy,
well, you're in luck:

There is no date on that page, and it is directed at the hardware
manufacturers(their business partners), and not the end user. It
doesn't refer to a Windows version. And it doesn't quote a particular
license agreement. In fact, I'm sure that page was edited after Windows
XP entered the market, going by the last paragraph.

Any, that is still just Microsoft's way of trying to make more money by
intimidating the consumer with it's vagueness.

So I'll say again, that there is no way they can enforce what you say.
I only intend to use this copy on a single PC, so as long as this copy
doesn't exist on any other pc there is no problem.

Also, Microsoft hasn't been consistent with their EULAs, and that
doesn't help matters.

Darren Harris
Staten Island, New York.