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Eddie Crismond
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kony wrote:
On Thu, 25 Nov 2004 10:55:45 -0500, Eddie Crismond

Well, I'm not a gamer, even though I can put a PC together. I have
little gaming experience, or evidence to the contrary with regards to
semi-modern games.

Semi-modern games are about as demanding as it gets for a

Well, The Sims isn't like Windows XP, where it is one copy per system.
If The Sims! 2 doesn't run that well on the Compaq 600/133 with PC800
RDRAM, she can alway have me build her, or buy, a faster system, and
just reinstall her copy of The Sims! 2 on that. She likes the original
Sims! also. This thing, with some additional memory should be able to
handle the original Sims plus a few expansion packs. If I can procure
some used working PC800 RDRAM for the Compaq, later, I could build her a
P4 i850 system with some components from the Compaq. The P4/i850 system
won't be the top of the line, but she doesn't need a googleplex of FLOPS.

Thanks for the tips