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Good point. He's prolly fat as a telly.
"Tom Scales" wrote
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| You sure that nOOb isn't just an
overweight n00b?
| "Ryan 8088"
wrote in message
| You're a n00b. It's not nOOb. It's
n00b. Sorry. I just had to say it.
| "Impmon" wrote in
news | On Tue, 4 May 2004 21:19:47 -0400,
| wrote:
| you're wrong.
| Are you sure? Unless your son
uses SCSI setup and has SCSI disk drive
| (is there such thing as internal
SCSI floppy drive??), there is no way
| a floppy drive and hard drive can
be on the same cable. Take another
| look, maybe it only appeared to be
one cable is in fact 2 cables
| positioned close together so to
fool some nOObs like you.
| Better yet, prove you're right by
taking picture oif his computer and
| posting it so we could look for
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