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Tom Scales
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You sure that nOOb isn't just an overweight n00b?
"Ryan 8088" wrote in message
You're a n00b. It's not nOOb. It's n00b. Sorry. I just had to say it.
"Impmon" wrote in message
On Tue, 4 May 2004 21:19:47 -0400, "tele64"

you're wrong.

Are you sure? Unless your son uses SCSI setup and has SCSI disk drive
(is there such thing as internal SCSI floppy drive??), there is no way
a floppy drive and hard drive can be on the same cable. Take another
look, maybe it only appeared to be one cable is in fact 2 cables
positioned close together so to fool some nOObs like you.

Better yet, prove you're right by taking picture oif his computer and
posting it so we could look for ourselves.
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