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Default Wifi for Compaq Armada 7792

I have bought but not yet received a Compaq Armada 7792 Laptop PC (Windows
98) with HD and floppy drive but no CD drive fitted. I would like to Wifi
this machine with my desktop PC (Windows XP Pro). I wish to share Internet
access/email (PCI ADSL on board Desktop PC) with the Laptop unit and play
head to head games and access the Desktop PC's DVD and two HD drives from
the Laptop.

I propose to buy a PCMCIA wireless network card for the Laptop and a PCI
wireless network card for the desktop PC. I will not be using a Router but
simply an Ad Hoc wireless LAN or pier to pier as it is also know.

Anyone with tips preferably someone who has already experience of this type
of set-up please advise me.