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On Mon, 10 May 2004 06:13:36 -0400, "HH" wrote:

Uh, I was referring to non-ancient OSs. I've seen the squirrelly behavior
with more than 4 IDE devices in Win 95, 98, Me and even 2000 and XP. Raid
controllers are another matter. A standard dual channel IDe controller and a
raid controller often can co-exist peacefully.

Funny I don't have any problem with my current system: onboard IDE
with 80GB primary, 60GB slave (boot drive), DVD-ROM and DVD burner and
I have a plain vanilla ATA133 card added with 3x 200GB hard drives.
The only odd problem I had in the past 6 months was that one of the
200GB hard drive mysteriously unformatted itself but that was probably
because the file table was being written when a power failure happened
and corrupted the partition data.

Oh yeah I have XP with SP1, older XP can't handle 200GB drives anyway.
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