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Uh, I was referring to non-ancient OSs. I've seen the squirrelly behavior
with more than 4 IDE devices in Win 95, 98, Me and even 2000 and XP. Raid
controllers are another matter. A standard dual channel IDe controller and a
raid controller often can co-exist peacefully.

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Uh, an IDE card will not allow 3 drives on a cable any more than your
onboard IDE controller will, so in actuality, it is not an answer either.
Also, many PCs and their OSs react strangely to any more than 4 IDE


Not quite. With a second IDE card, you could add 4 more devices.
I've done this before with Win 3.1 and a pile of 120MB hard drives.
As long as the correct drivers are used, no odd behavior should
happen. It's not common though as for most people, 2 ports and 4
drives are usually enough.

The only possible issues with multiple IDE cards is the boot order.
Onboard IDE generally have boot drives only but if there's no onboard
IDE or if it's been disabled and you have 2 or more IDE cards,
figuring which card get sthe boot priority would require a bit of
trial and error.

Dale was politely making a good point.

Yes he was. There is simply no way to get 3 or more IDE devices on
the same IDE port. The OP was being a jerk for insisting the
impossible was possible without closely checking for what it really
was. (SCSI? Or 2 separate cables held together so it appears as one
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