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I'm so sick of rking on this. I don't have the energy to try the 6 steps
now, but I've printed them to try later.

Re your last idea, ... my router is Should I try 1.1 or 2.1?

"the yeti" wrote in message
XP can be a pain in the a** on a small home network. Here is what you
need to do.

1) make sure that the usernames are the same on all workgroup
computers. For example, if you log into the laptop with the username
BOB, create a user called BOB on all the workgroup computers. The
password should match too.

2)Start from scratch. Remove everything from the network properties
boxes. Remove ALL the network adapters (from device manager).

3) Reboot

4) Now your NIC card should reinstall itself. XP has this (horrific)
home networking wizard. You should be able to follow through the
wizzard and it should work for you now. Enable file and print
sharing. Check "allow users to change my files"

5) reboot (god I love Windows)

6) it should work now. If you are still having troubles, try "my
Network places" and "view ENTIRE contents of network"

The other thing to try is on your TCP/IP properities set your Default
gateway to You can leave everything else the same, such
as Obtain IP address automatically and obtain DNS automatically.