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I have a Compaq 1800XL1 with two partitions; Local Disk (C and System

(D. The D: partition takes up about 2.3G of HD space. Can I safely

the D: partition and thus free up more HD space?

One obvious, but mot mentioned word of caution here, is if your 1800 is like
my 1200, Compaq didn't give you any restore media to reinstall Windows 98
SE. The Recovery CD is basically an Emergengy Boot Disk, and if the
System_save partition isn't there intact, you can't do a restore to the
factory state.

I read for some models Compaq had made a CD set available to restore the the
OS in case of a major meltdown (for mine they told me I'd have to send it
back to them).

One way around this is to copy the whole original partition to a network
drive, or burn all the files to a couple of CD's (make sure to maintain the
file/folder structure). One thing to note, if you used the System Save
feature, there will be a large file in the root directory of D: named
system.sav. You don't have to include this file in your archive set to to a
full restore to the factory set. Since you said your D: partition was 2.3 GB
I'm guessing you used the backup feature at least once, since the 98SE
package will fit in about 1.1 GB.

I've used both these techniques successfully on my 1200 XL 118.