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Bill W
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Thanks for all your help. I am red faced and embarrassed. The modem was
sitting in an ISA slot. When I opened the computer up, I saw four slots,
three and one. Having worked on more recent computers, I made the
assumption that the three of one kind of slot were all PCI and the other
none was an ISA. How wrong was I. Reading your posts and checking other
literature, sure enought, Compaq had put three ISA slots in the 4504
computer and only one PCI slot. Newer cards are PCI. However, I went into
device manager and uninsalled the modem. There was a NIC card in the PCI
slot, since I was using a modem for the internet, I removed the NIC card and
installed the modem card I had lying around. I updated the Bios, but the
modem driver update would not install. This seemed right, in that I had
removed the Compaq modem and replaced it with a 56.6K V92 modem with current
drivers installed. When I went to installed the modem, I found that it was
on COM2. I would have thought it would have been installed on COM1.
Irregardless, I was now able to access the internet vial the modem.
I am not sure whether it was the BIOS update or the new modem card that did
the trick, but I surely appreciate all the help and information provided.


"Bill W" wrote in message
My daughter was given a Compaq Presario 4504 for school. She could not

on the internet with AOL. In troubleshooting the problem, I found that no
modem was listed in device manager. An internal modem card is installed.
When I go to install the modem and choose the Compaq, I am faced with
choosing from a list of Compaq modems. Which Compaq modem should I be
chosing from the list presented and am I correct in assuming it will use

1 port. I have spent the better part of this evening searching the Compaq
site for documentation on the Presario 4504 to no avail. I would greatly
appreciate any help anyone could provide.