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I would love to be able to install any one of the 4 56K modems I have
that I know work in other machines. The 4706 machine I have been
trying to fix for a friends high school kid does not detect the modems
I have tried. Not even the original 33.6 that was working before I
switched it out to upgrade to a 56K. Can't figure it out. I don't have
any of the original software, but I don't see why I need it.

I think that over my limited efforts with PCs that half my time has been spent
fighting with modems and getting them correctly installed. Particularly early
PCs, 486 and earlier Pentiums, with WIN95. Often modems I was trying to use
were not recognized by WIN95's Plug and Pray. Sometimes a particular path can
get them recognized--there are at least three ways a modem might be added in
WIN95. Some I never did get to work. Some modems require the drivers to be
loaded and reboot before the modem is installed and an attempt to recognized.
The Compaq 33.6 was located in a "feature" slot, and the modem was likely not
to work in any other slot or PC, and no other modem was likely to work in the
feature slot. Any added modem would need to fit into one of the other
appropriate slots, what, two ISA and one PCI?........