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Actually, I have to say that although I had a pretty bad experience,
when I finally reached someone in mid-level management (above the line
supervisor level), they agreed to make things right. After all is
said and done, the treatment turned out to be fair.

I think it's a case of HP and Compaq were merging together just as it
happened, and the merger through off their tracking so their e-mail
and phone-in help were not associated properly. When I first called,
it was Compaq, and by the time it ended, it was HP.

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Hot tip -- if it breaks, take everything out of the chassis before you
mail it to service so you won't have to try to get it back!!! It's a
catch-22. I called their help line immediately after I opening the
box and tested the system and learned the RAM was missing, and their
phone message said to e-mail instead. So I hung up and e-mailed, and
(after a long time of calls back and forth), today I was told they are
denying my claim because they have no record of my e-mail and I hadn't
called them quickly enough when I noticed the item was missing!!!

Fortunately, I'm a cyber-packrat, and I keep everything--including
their May 1 reply to my e-mail with my original message attached (I
then responded to their reply)!!! We've been going around in circles
since late April-early May and I still don't have my RAM back that
they removed!!! That's why when my spouse asked for a new computer a
few weeks ago, I ordered one from the Dell Web site. I just couldn't
face giving more money to them after they kept my property. The
system is not nearly as quick as it was before the repair, and I'm
hoping it's just the lack of RAM--and that they will finally send it
back since I forwarded their e-mail back to them as proof!!! I love
our Dell.

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My Compaq Presario is 18 months old and still works like a charm.

Rob Fruth - Houston, Tx

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Yes -- my spouse wanted a computer, so a few weeks ago I ordered a

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