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Default Intel CPU prices going up?

Yousuf Khan wrote:

On 10/15/2018 1:36 PM, VanguardLH wrote:
Every manufacturer has a maximum threshold for producing a product. A
bakery can only produce as many loaves of bread per day as they have

By that token, then Intel is one of the largest bakers ever.

Being largest doesn't mean infinite production capacity.

They cannot exceed that threshold without investing more money
when conjecturing long-lived increased demand. Without adding more
plants, Intel cannot increase their volume. Adding a plant or extending
an existing one costs a lot of money which is only be reasonably
qualified for expense if demand is expected to continue indefinitly, not
for a minor blip in demand. Demand has gone up and exceeded their
manufacturing volume.

But that's not the case here. Demand hasn't gone up, it's stayed mostly
the same, but they are having trouble supplying even the same number of
chips they used to easily supply with previous generations. For the new
8-core i9-9900K, they have apparently only produced about 500 chips
overall for the entire world! And so far no i7-9700K's at all! Add in
the problems with producing even i3's and i5's, something is wrong,
especially on a mature node like 14nm! I think it might have something
to do with having to compete against AMD: AMD can put out a 6-core or an
8-core quite easily, it just puts two quad-core CCX's together; but
Intel has to create a brand new single die. And the dies are much
bigger, so yield must be lower?

You're obviously making guesses. Demand hasn't gone up despite all the
news pundits saying otherwise. "Apparently" is another guess.

"In July, during its Q2 conference call, CEO Robert Swan said: ´We are
seeing demand signals in supply feasibility to deliver on our revised
expectations. Our biggest challenge in the second half will be meeting
additional demand, and we are working intently with our customers and
our factories to be prepared so we are not constraining our customers˙

No, I don't know everything about their market but it's obvious that you
won't even check some of your assumptions.

And today, there was a rumour that they had completely cancelled their
10nm program! Intel denied it later, but usually they don't bother to
address rumours unless it really hit close to home.

Come on back when rumor becomes fact.