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Default Evergreen 586/133 now uses AMD 5x86

On Saturday, October 5, 1996 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-4, richard kaplan wrote:
In article , (Lion King) wrote:
I have noticed several posts recently stating that Evergreen uses
a Cyrix 586/133 in their 586/133 upgrade kit. However, I noticed
that AMD's website pointed to the Evergreen 586/133 as a user of
the AMD 586. I queried Evergreen tech support and they confirmed
that they are using the AMD chip.

Just for the record, Cyrix do not make a 133mhz chip, just the 5x86-120 (which
is generally considered a bit faster than the AMD-133. (but not when the AMD
is o/c to 160!)



just for the record you are wrong. cyrix did make limited quantities of
5x86-133 cpu's for evergreen. they did not sell any of them under the cyrix


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