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Default Is it necessary for both black & color cartridges to have ink with HP 1400 Printer/Scanner

Thanks for your information. Does the info apply to printing a document
NOT sending faxes?

I just tried for the heck of it and it did print the document. But I
want to
know whether it was just a freak occurrence. Or is it technically

P. Jayant

Bob Headrick wrote:
"p jayant" wrote in message
I am a user of HP 1400 Printer cum Scanner which provides two slots for

one black and one color cartridge.
If the color cartridge has dried up and I am urgently in need of
printing out a document in black, can I print in black keeping the
exhasted color cartridge in the cradle? Have I to press the Black
button on the Printer for starting the print operation?
Similarly if the black cartridge has dried up, can I print in color,
keeping the exhausted black cartridge in the cradle as a dummy? Have I
to press the Color Button on the Printer to start operation?
Why doesn't HP provide a Manual of instructions for handling different
situations of this type?

Most of the newer HP printers (with integrated cartridges) will print with
one or the other of the cartridges removed. The printer will automatically
change modes to use the available cartridge. See
The copy function is not available in this mode.

Bob Headrick, MS MVP Printing/Imaging