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Default Radeon 8500 doesn't recognise TV....

If the TV Panel in MMC is greyed, you also need to check the funny
provided by ATI with ATI 8500 Cards. It must get neatly plugged in your

video card and the S Video plug from the TV must go to the video out
side of
that funny adapter.

I have used the S-Video connection between the 8500 DV card on my
to connect the external Pioneer DVD player and it worked fine as long
as the
above mentioned connections were firm. They don't stay firm, though. I
scrapped the ATI Card, after getting fed up with finding the correct
Catalyst version which marked the TV Tuner/capture work.

P. Jayant

Mark Nicholls schreef:

I've had this Radeon 8500LE for about 4 years now & for the first time tried
to connect it to my TV, using a 4-pin S-video adaptor to the RCA connection
on the front of my TV. I seemed to have failed at the first hurdle, as I
can't enable the TV under Displays on the 8500 - the button is just greyed
out! Since the card's so old & I haven't used the s-video socket before,
could it be broken or faulty? I've re-installed the drivers & done
everything else I can think of, so I'd be really grateful for any other