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Mark Nicholls
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Default Radeon 8500 doesn't recognise TV....

Ok - please ignore this message: I found 'Theatre Mode' in Catalyst!...

"Mark Nicholls" wrote in message
I discovered new drivers for the Radeon 8500 including a GUI called
'Catalyst Control Centre'. After downloading these, my TV is now
recognised. Enabling it allows me to show my PC desktop on my TV very well
(as long as I disconnect the TV signal from my aerial). However, whenever I
play a video, the TV screen goes blank! The setup options I'm given are
'Extend Main on to TV', 'Clone Main with TV', 'Stretch Main Horizontally
onto TV' & 'Stretch Main Vertically onto TV'. I've tried out the first 2 of
these, but neither allow me to play a video. Does anyone know if there are
any other settings I should be adusting?...


"Ted F" wrote in message
After you connect it to the TV, you must reboot the cumputer and you
should see both the computer monitor and the TV have a signal.

"Mark Nicholls" wrote in message
I've had this Radeon 8500LE for about 4 years now & for the first time
tried to connect it to my TV, using a 4-pin S-video adaptor to the RCA
connection on the front of my TV. I seemed to have failed at the first
hurdle, as I can't enable the TV under Displays on the 8500 - the button
is just greyed out! Since the card's so old & I haven't used the s-video
socket before, could it be broken or faulty? I've re-installed the
drivers & done everything else I can think of, so I'd be really grateful
for any other suggestions!!!