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Default Compaq UPS T1500h and RS232

Tali Mehlke wrote in
I just got an old Compaq UPS T1500h.
But the problem is that I really only got the ups.
There was no software and no RS232 cable.
Does anybody know where I could get the correct wire diagram for the
RS232 cable?
Or where I could get the correct software for it?
I really could not find anything via google...

I just got one too a week ago and after endless google searches I think I
got it.

The UPS is a T1000 series, a T1500h from Compaq to be precise.
The cable that is needed has Compaq PN 295245-003 which is also available
under PN's 295501-001 and 356147-B21 (for warranty or additional cables i
think). My initial searching gave me this url:

which lists the same part number but does not mention Compaq or anything
else that says this is the right cable. Since the site looked old and all
text is in Russian I wasn't too sure if I could use this.

In my searching effort I also found some people who had the same problem
some time ago, I e-mailed them and one replied with the same pin layout
as on the above url so I guess this should work:

F - M
02 02
03 01
05 04
07 06