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"BruceM" wrote in message
Yes......... single drive use......... or two drives as singles.
Also called JBOD.
So basically on most you must pretend you're setting up a raid & then set
the type as JBOD. (Just Bunch Ordinary Disks) (if you don't believe me
then use Google for JBOD)

FWIW, the Gigabyte K8NSC-939 enables simple IDE operation for each drive.
It allows you to choose with the drive is available for use in a RAID array
or it is available only as an IDE device. If a drive is set up as non RAID,
there is no further setup.

"John Weiss" wrote in message
"Al Franz" wrote...
See many of the mother boards support RAID on their SATA controllers.
Is it common for all these types of ports to also support non-RAID SATA


However, you may still need to install the RAID controller drivers and
configure the RAID BIOS for single-drive use.