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Default Asus V8420 v29.4x drivers for WinXP won't work

This sounds strange since winxp pro with sp1 supplies my asus ti4400 with
28.xx driver.
But idd i have no control applet in desktop properties then.
I would say like the other poster that asus driver series contain the gamma
adjustment tool you mean.
I believe they even have it as a single tool that you can install.
Hm,i have an asus gf2 card also and both don't need gamma adjustment in
This was a big plus for me since my old diamond viper did need an
addittional gamma tool.
You should try the 44.67 from nvidia,they work for most new games.
You could try nvhardpage tool which let you set hidden settings for your
The newest drivers allow you to set various settings for every game you have
installed,maybe this is something for you.

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I have installed WinXP on a partition on my system.
Now I need to install the Asus 29.4x Ti4200 drivers.

I need those spescial drivers because they contain a special page in
the control-panel to adjust OpenGL and DirectX gamma level (not in
Nvidias drivers nor in the new Asus drivers). I'll update the drivers
files after I install the control-panel stuff (did this on Win98, to
make a hybrid with the new Nvidia driver and the Asus enhancements :-)

BUT, my WinXP will not work with the standard 29.40 drivers on the CD
that came with my V8420 card. System boot with lowest resolution, and
only 4 bits color (16 colors), no extra control-panel applets
displayed at all for the vide-card.

Why doesn't it work? It's for WinXP.

Could the Microsoft bundled drivers that are installed by default
interfer? The newer Nvidia refernce drivers work, but they don't
contain the Asus enhancment (no gamme adjust for OpenGL mode).

Does anyone now where I can get other old Asus drivers (I used 29.41
on Win98se, not 29.40)? Or another way to make these old drivers work
(I can't really see why neither modes nor contorl-applets are there)

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