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Default Rosewill $25 Micro form case

On Wed, 13 Jun 2018 14:58:29 -0400, Flasherly

Nahhh... Not a box of cereal, but more like regular ATX/mini-type
towers. Hardly smaller. Regular rolled steel case except for a
couple differences. The front plastic is totally detachable, made so,
with four insert clasps that easily enough pop out, and all control
wiring follows in like manner;- Wiring control terminal functions are
not on the front, though, but the on the side lips of the front panel.
Other weirdity are smaller internal drive mounting, (top 5.25 slots
are fine), being a single-screw secured swivel plate where smaller HDD
drives are side-secured or mounted parallel and onto that plate;-
normal cases are perpendicular, usually to a drive cage in contact to
the four thin side-strips of a drive, not the drive's two flat surface
areas, one being flat metal and the other the control circuitry and
platter mold. But drives do, always have had that contingency with
screw sets for such mounting. Only it's my first time up with one.
Not exactly efficient but then heavy storage is not primary
consideration for this particular setup.

Still, for not one dime more than $25 . . .

ROSEWILL Micro ATX Mini Tower Computer Case, Steel and plastic
computer case with 1x 80mm rear fan, Top I/O ports: 1x USB3.0, 2x USB
2.0 and Audio In/Out ports (SRM-01).

There's not much else. Or a whole lot more serious choices until
possibly starting upwards of $35.

One of four, all $25, being one only other model that caught my eye,
first off with handles, besides kind of cute in being a white-painted
case. What killed it, though, was no provision for a 5.25 DVD. Hard
to build up an OS or do software maintenance without optical media.
Flashdrives, right. ...Sometimes a lot more of a PITA to build on one
first, invariably from other DVDs, ISO images, transitional stages and
such, than just easier to come out of a regular DVD library, which I
prefer. Where I prefer is the OS installs on a flashdrive, DVD speeds
for a larger install being closer to painfully slow.