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Default 2T SSD SATA - $250

On Tue, 12 Jun 2018 13:23:43 -0400, Flasherly

Crucial 256G I paid: $120

Crucial_CT256MX100SSD1 [14290CA47846]

Twice the memory now, price adjusting for what I paid, for Crucial MX
implementations using 3D NAND presumably and at some added performance
premium. Samsung pro-series use V-NAND, I might say 3D NAND below
(unless incorrect).

Interesting is apparently SLC technology got a hole shot of its bottom
due to marketing factors. People, on a universal whole, just couldn't
get enough of wallowing in the cheapest TLC denominator possible. The
result is pressure, rather a wholesale movement on part of the SSD
industry to produce, cater to a more viable cost-effective marketing

Not trickle down but one hand washes the other laissez-faire.

My MLC technology is apt as well to affected, somewhere and to what
extent of marketing balances, comparative to 3D- and V-NAND, I'm not

Last and not least to mention Western Digital, whose SSD tactics --
since acquisition of SanDisk, a WD subsidiary and their SSD division--
is to hide and impede identification of NAND technology from model
nomenclatures. Indeed a same model WD SSD may vary between processes
and materials used from one to the next unit.

Are we caring?

Possibly not Money talks, and, well, you're probably ready for stroll
at this point by now.

Down doggie. [Nice mutt.]