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Only retail Nero allows this option, and only to 2 drives at once. They do
have to be "very similar" drives, and must both be burning at the same speed
and write strategy to avoid buffer issues. They can be on the same IDE
channel, or separate, doesn't matter with most IDE controllers.
Burning to 2 drives from different programs ( or 2 instances of Nero) is no
problem either as long as the drives are on separate channels and your
HD/system is up to doing the 2 tasks at once.

"Derek MacKeddie" wrote in message
The message
from xnxnxnx (FOR7b) contains these words:


I have Nero and two identical writers and have yet to be able to
figure out how
to write to both from the same time. It is said Nero supports that but

certainly don't make it easy for you to find such a feature.

The option to burn using both recorders,which don't have to be
identical,is on the 'Burn' tab in the 'compilation' properties.
I think it's only available in the retail version of Nero.


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