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Mike Richter
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Paul Soderman wrote:
I seem to recall reading somewhere that if 2 separate burners are hooked up,
it is possible to record different discs at the same time. I think that it
involved duplicating the software used to burn the CDR and choosing the
appropriate burner/drive for the respective disc being burned.

Of course, in trying to find a Usenet article concerning this, I found
nothing! Did I imagine this? Much thanks for any help!

There is software designed explicitly for burning concurrently to
several identical drives; the one I've seen (sorry, I don't remember
which) was a premium version of a common program, designed for a
duplication installation.

Other programs will let you do as you ask, using two instances of the
program writing to different drives from different source files. In that
case, the drives do not have to be identical. At one time, I
experimented successfully with that using CDRWin; both drives were on
the same SCSI card.