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Well if it was me I would go into the registry (START - RUN - TYPE IN
REGEDIT) and use the EDIT - FIND to search for any instance of XG300, and
delete it.
As usual, it would be reccomended to back up the registry first
(FILE-EXPORT) or create a restore point just in case it causes problems.

"Joshua Martin" wrote in message
I have an old AGP-based TNT1 card in my Windows 98SE machine. It
served me well for a few years but at some point I was forced to
reinstall Windows for unrelated reasons. Up until that point I had
been using the default drivers included with the system; I decided to
use the opportunity to update the drivers. For one reason or another
(which I can't remember anymore) I installed numerous drivers before
settling on the 43.45 Detonator drivers (the last Detonator revision
compatible with the TNT1 AFAIK). However, my computer began doing
something it hadn't done befo when I restarted it became unable to
correctly load the Detonator drivers. I was forced to go through the
entire driver reinstallation process (restart, install the Standard
PCI drivers, restart again, install the Detonator drivers, restart
again) every time I needed (or was forced to) restart my computer,
which needless to say is very inconvenient. The bozos who manufactured
my PC were of absolutely no help so I accepted this state of affairs.

But now I think I've figured out where the problem lies: at some point
I installed the apparently unofficial "Platinum XG300" (2.08) drivers,
and I am unable to remove these drivers using either the standard
Windows uninstall or with Detonator Destroyer. I believe these drivers
are the problem because whenever my computer restarts it asks for
these drivers specifically rather than allowing me to choose my
preferred drivers and because "PLATINUM XG300 [7-9-1999]" is the only
thing that appears when I run the "Update Device Driver Wizard" with
"Show compatible hardware" selected. This suggests to me that these
drivers are still loaded in the system somewhere and I am unable to
completely remove them. So how CAN I get rid of them? I've had this
problem for four or five months now so any help at this point would be
greatly appreciated.