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Default Failure of keyboard and mouse on a Compaq DeskPro EN.

Well, the problem turned out to be mostly my lack
of perception.

Ben Myers wrote,
"Can you try a USB keyboard and a USB mouse instead?"

William R. Walsh wrote,
Does it run a keyboard and mouse driver at setup time?

I would have to study to see how the keyboard works in
setup. The mouse is not used until later.

In trying a USB keyboard and mouse I noticed that
Oberon.Text invoked DayTime.SetTime. Without
a network connection, there was no progress. With
that command commented, startup completed.
No problem with the keyboard and mouse.

I can't say that the installation is finished! I proceeded
to connect a CF card as slave on the primary IDE
and found nothing but problems. Now there is a
report that the first part of the master drive overlaps
the second. Next weekend I can fdisk the drive
again and reinstall the systems. Damage to the
part table is odd.

Thanks for the ideas, ... Peter E.