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Default Failure of keyboard and mouse on a Compaq DeskPro EN.

Ben & others,

On Feb 17, 8:09*pm, Ben Myers wrote:
... I would have to guess that the DeskPro EN has a keyboard-mouse
controller chip that is incompatible with the Native Oberon.

But the NO installer diskette with Oberon0 works
properly. The keyboard and mouse code it installs
to the hdd is exactly the same as the code it runs.

... [next release early 2003]", so the project appears to be somewhat

NO evolved to A2.

I noticed a similar keyboard problem with Linux on
a DeskPro EN was reported in another group. The
user happened to find that disabling the onboard
USB let the keyboard work. This suggests a bug in
the Compaq ROM code. I had hoped that someone
would know more about that. If a bug was found,
the repair didn't necessarily propagate into all
affected SoftPaqs.

This weekend I can try shutting off USB. Also
might install A2 and find whether the failure is
there also.

Thanks for the comments, ... Peter E.